Personalized e-journal publishing?

With a few manipulations it is possible to compose a set of articles in your own expertise domain.

First: create an account on (What is How to create an account?)

Then: collect references (bookmarks) to articles on the Web. Tag these in an intelligible way, e.g. as “articles”. (What are tags?)

Next: make your link roll, which is a piece of code generating your list on the social bookmarking site (in this case (What about linkrolls?)

Finally: paste the code in any web page, e.g. as an entry in a weblog, like this one.

For the final result have a look at a “non-existant” Journal of Computational Iconology, a collection of scholarly articles published elsewhere. Or is it just a bookmark list?

Note: max=8; tag=articles;

The list would look like this when using two tags (AND), viz. articles+collaborativefiltering:

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